Download eArtius-ANSYS Optimization Add-in
Download eArtius-ANSYS Optimization Add-in

Pareto Explorer
Deliver Better Products That Cost Less

eArtius Pareto Explorer helps you meet corporate product goals such as getting products to market quicker, increasing product margins, decreasing material costs, improving product quality, or reducing carbon emissions. In today's competitive market, winning versus losing can be determined by that one product design not found using existing methods. eArtius Pareto Explorer uses your current product design applications to find optimal designs and deliver innovative products - that will gain market share and improve your bottom line.

eArtius's innovative technology removes design optimization barriers

  • eArtius dramatically reduces the number of evaluations required to find an optimal solution in a multi-objective, multi-discipline design environment.
  • eArtius works with large numbers of objectives and variables without increasing the number of evaluations.
  • eArtius optimizes without having to go through the cumbersome process of creating approximations and surrogate models, in an easy to understand graphic environment for design exploration.
  • With eArtius, you can find new solutions by actually moving along the Pareto frontier.

Sounds too good to be true? Take the eArtius challenge and get the results you've been waiting for. Register for a demonstration today.

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